Friday, March 05, 2010

Angel Wings

It's been hard to find the good in our old yeller dog lately because he chews everything in sight!

But after brushing him yesterday, I found his little angel wings.

I showed Daniel, but he didn't think Charlie Boy had angel wings at all. Well... maybe like Lucifer. But he's so CUTE! And it's a good thing. Charlie chewed the cord on my electric blanket yesterday. I was pretty mad about it. But these things happen. And I still love him.


Ashley Hlavaty said...

Puppies will be puppies! I got a book when I got Emmy, and in it it said that any "bad thing" a puppy does is because the owner wasn't giving it enough attention. Not that the dog was acting out, but that the owner has to always supervise. I guess I'm a bad supervisor because Emmy is always up to something.

Laura Hotchkiss said...

He is so cute though, how can you be mad?

michele said...

that is too funny..

kanishk said...

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