Monday, March 01, 2010

Day 1 of our backyard make over came to a sudden halt when we realized that the sprinkler people put our sprinkler on the outside of our property line- into the easement. I don't think we're allowed to put the fence on the other side for our yard to include our sprinkler system. So we have to make some phone calls and plans before we can proceed.
We've decided to do a patio instead of a deck and I can't wait to have lazy days back here in the pool with family and friends! The pool dig should start very soon. I'm going to be going crazy becuase of all the construction that will take place.

Charlie loves to be outside with us. He's getting so big. This morning I'm going to call the vet because his temperment has changed drastically due to some scrapes on his little paws :(

Daniel- staking the yard for fence.

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

I hope that everything gets worked out quickly for you guys!! And that little Charlie gets back to his usual self soon!