Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Our Church is Moving!

Faith Alive Ministries is moving to a new place with a new name! When we first started going to this church, they were getting over some pretty crazy problems and has since practically re-staffed the entire church. The church had a lot of debt and as hard as everyone tried to make it work, it was just too much! So, we are moving, GLADLY! :) Everyone is really happy about it and so am I!

Today I helped pack the kitchen up for the big move with Kelly, Stacy, and Barbara. I'm surprised we get anything done at all with our mouths going all the time :)

Tonite is choir practice -that I LOVE! I can't wait! We also have a new worship leader, Hope, who is so nice and has a killer voice too! We've been practicing some great songs that I'm really excited about. One is by Kirk Franklin- 'Why We Sing'. It's going to be SO good.I'm going to take some pictures tonite so I can feel like I'm blogging properly! I hate posting without pics!

Oh and I'm so excited about this ... we have a young girl in our church, Johnni (15), that is trying out for American Idol this year! She just had a concert to raise money for it and she is amazing! She will make it on the show, for sure! So I'm so excited about following her on AI this year. You'll have to watch and vote for her too ;)

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