Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tea!

Some blogger friends have introduced me to Tea on Tuesday at The Grey Umbrella ! It's just a nice way for us to have small talk, catch up, and see what's going on in each other's lives. Thanks for joining me today for tea!

Today, I'll be serving up some wonderful green tea. Although it's a little warm outside, I will insist on sitting by the fireplace and getting cozy! So come sit for a while and let's get reacquainted.

If you were here with me having tea today, I'd try to make you totally comfortable and ask you about how your Valentine's Day went. Did you have fun? Did you have dinner? I'd totally interrupt you at this point and tell you about a great little place I went to dinner on my anniversary. But I'd quickly redirect you back to your story. I love to hear about others' lives and how they celebrate special occasions. It isn't even the actual story sometimes ... I read way further into people than that! I like to know what makes people tick.

I'd tell you all about my Valentine's Day surprise for my husband- I surprised him with all the ingredients to make sushi at home. He loved it. I even bought him a bigger rice cooker for the occasion (it was totally for him! ;). The kids helped us too. It was more of a family Valentine's Day and I really liked it like that. I'd tell you how living in Hawaii really changed my taste for food and how lucky we are to have brought back with us a piece of their culture. I'd explain how just a few weeks ago, a friend taught me how to make sushi.

I'd ask you if you were too warm ... really wondering how much longer I could enjoy the fire. I'd confess this to you and we'd laugh!

I'd ask you about your life ... truthfully trying to see if you believe in God. I know. I'm totally busted. I'd ask you if you go to church and if you didn't, I'd ask why. Not because I'm judging you, but because I'm interested in church in general and I'm interested in sharing with you what God had done in my life. I like to know how others feel about the whole 'Jesus' thing.

This would lead me to tell you that we recently left one church and just started going to an awesome new one that we really love! I explain how I can't wait to take classes that the church requires before becoming a member or volunteering. This is usually where people start to tune out and think I'm a 'Jesus freak' so I start to ask you about pets. HA! Yep! I really do!

I ask because I'm dying to get another puppy! I explain that this time I really want a small breed dog and how Charlie (my yellow lab) really needs a play mate. But I worry that will really just mean double trouble and I begin to tell you all the crazy things Charlie has done. I tell you about my brother's dog and how cute and adorable he is! I just can't wait to get another!

I ask if you'd like more tea and we come to the kitchen to sit. I turn the fireplace off because I know it's just too much to bear now. We sit by the window in the kitchen and we can see how beautiful it is outside today. I tell you how I can't wait for summer and how the pool looks so inviting every day. I can't wait for summer, flip flops, ice tea by the pool, watermelon, late night swims, and the cool glow of the pool lights when it's dark. I tell you about a night I had with my girlfriends one night and how we laughed so hard we were sore the next day! I tell you how I'll miss all the people from my old church because last summer we did so much together ... bbq's, pool days, and get-togethers. We had a lot of fun.

I'd tell you about home schooling my son and how amazing it has been ... how he's learned so much that I can't even believe it's my son anymore. I'd tell you that this weekend we are going to have dinner with Ally's 'friend' so we can get to know this person in her life that seems to wear her fingers out from texting so much! I'd confess that I'm really a scared momma when it comes to boys in her life. She's almost 16 and she's starting to drive. I'll look at you with the biggest eyes as I tell you about driving with her while I sat in he back seat.

I remind both of us to enjoy the little moments in life because they slip away so quickly.
I'd thank you for coming today! I had a great time catching up! I can't wait to see you next Tuesday! I'm sure I'll have lots to share!

Have a great week and God bless you! :)

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Mary Angeline Ross said...

i loved having tea with you today! i can't wait until next tuesday ~ you're such a joy! love you!