Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday for Tea

Good Morning and thanks for coming by to have 'tea' with me.
The morning has started out so very right today. I'm in a great mood for chatting over tea! As much as I'm looking forward to Spring, I'm glad to use the fireplace for a bit longer :)

If you were here with me today, I'd tell you how excited I am about a book I'm reading! You see, I'm reading this book called 'Boundaries', by Cloud and Townsend. First, I love it because it's like directions for having healthy relationships. I'm always surprised at myself and how many unhealthy patterns I have. It's the kind of book that makes you think, Oh! That's just like 'so-and-so'. That happens all through the book!

I'd also tell you about how heart-broken I am over Ally's best friend. Her dad has been battling cancer and he's expected to pass soon. Her friend is only 15 and I know it must be hard for her. She has kept this all a secret from her friends for fear she would be treated differently. Now she's beginning to accept help and is working through this time. How very sad. I'm checking on flowers to be sent today.

I'd tell you about my sister and how excited I am that she's moving closer to me. Her husband works in Kentucky and she and her kids will join him there soon. I can't wait for family get togethers and summer fun with the kids all together. SO EXCITED!

I'd tell you how great home schooling is going ... but how we've turned our home into a 'boot camp' for our son. I'd tell you how I should have read 'Boundaries' years ago and that I would have parented my son differently. I've totally let him get away with stuff and haven't kept up with the consequences part of things. So now, we've stripped his bedroom down to the bare minimum. We've taken EVERYTHING from him! I'd explain to you the plan for him to earn it all back and how I'm making a 'point system' in order for him to earn things back. He's learning a lot and so are we! I'd tell you sadly, I don't know why I didn't do this years ago!

I'd tell you about an email my husband received from his detailer. It says that he will have orders soon! Soon in the Navy means over the next few months. We do know that he will attend a school in Connecticut at the end of September. Waiting for orders is insanely crazy! We all hope that we will stay here, but if not, we're okay with it. I think we'll rent out our house and then come back to it.

Thanks for tea today! I'm a bit in a rush and I'm sorry for rushing you out the door. HA! See you next time!

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