Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ten Lessons Learned in One Situation

1. Obedience is never easy. When God asks you to do something, the devil will try you in ways you never imagined! Be prepared.

2. Your faith will sometimes look radical to others. And it should!

3. Discernment takes practice. So practice it!

4. If we aren't real with ourselves we won't grow in the Lord! Be real!

5. Fighting a battle in your prayer closet is always better than fighting it in the natural.

6. That 'pause' or 'catch' in your spirit really is the Holy Spirit saying, "CAUTION!", trust that!

7. "Deep calls unto deep".

8. Testimonies are not meant for us, they are to show God's glory to others. Let God use you!

9. If we don't forgive, we aren't forgiven. Get things right before God. Sooner than later!

10. Love never fails.

Always, after we learn a lesson, we think we'll never do it again. We think we'll surely see it next time ... only we do it again and we don't see it because next time it'll be wrapped in different packaging. God's mercies are new everyday! Thank the Lord!

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