Monday, May 09, 2011

The Best Mother's Day Prayer Ever!

My son is 12 and is in complete denial about what an awesome little boy he is right now. He's growing up so fast and more than anything he wants to know that he is loved and 'normal'.

As we were driving one day, we started to talk about his feelings and how he is changing so much right now. My son said he wished he could be perfect- like me. You think that's a complement, don't you? No, it's not! It's actually heart-breaking. I asked God to direct my words so that they would really reach him in a way that would stick with him.

I said, Did you know that that God knew you before you were even in my belly as a tiny baby? Your spirit was with God and He knew you before I did. (This caught his attention) I told him how God made him wonderfully unique, that there is not another person in this world that draws a picture the way he does. Not one little boy in the whole world who sings a song the way he does; not any other child that dreams dreams like he does. I said, You are unique and God made you just the way you are on purpose! At the end, I had to promise him it was true with 'I'm not lying, it says so in the Bible', I can show you!' This settled it all in his mind.

For Mother's Day, the kids made me a beautiful breakfast! I came downstairs for their surprise and as we sat down and said the blessing, my son prayed over our meal. He usually goes for the 'God is great, God is good' prayer, but this time, he prayed a beautiful prayer and thanked God for making us "individuals".

YES! Thank you, God!

Being a mom is hard and we often wonder if anything we say is really reaching our kids. It's scary that soon these little people will be entering the world. I just want them to be prepared and be able to make the hard decisions- without mom.

I was just reading a Kenneth Boa text (that's totally nerdy) and this is what he says about 'the context of discipleship'(I love this);

"Spiritual nurture of children should not be left to spontaneous moments; it is better to see this as an intentional process that is energized by a desire that our children will come to love Jesus even more than they love us."

This might seem impossible for a mom to grasp, but forming their love for Jesus is exactly what we should be doing. It's really the first step in discipleship- period.

As leaders, moms and dads, we should always be pointing our children to Jesus, not us. We don't want our children or anyone else to be dependant on us, but instead, God. We are humans, we will fail them.

What a relief it is- to know that if we direct our children to God and help them form a relationship with Jesus, we're sort of 'off the hook'. I rest easy knowing that God is better, smarter, more gentle, more loving, and has more time than I do.

Matthew 19:14
But He said, Leave the children alone! Allow the little ones to come to Me, and do not forbid or restrain or hinder them, for of such [as these] is the kingdom of heaven composed.

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