Friday, May 13, 2011

Trust Him in Faith

Prayer leads to answers. But sometimes the answers aren't so clear. So we wait. And wait. And sometimes wait a really long time. Then all of a sudden, like a domino effect, something happens; we hear a sermon, someone we know speaks right into our situation, we hear something in a song that we didn't quite hear before, it all becomes clear.

At this point, I find myself in a pickle. I start to question this seemingly blatant answer. Mind you, most of the time, these are answers to tiny little questions that I've asked. Like, 'How can I make better use of my time?' Or, 'What's the next study I should do?' But even with a big decision, it's the same ...

Isn't it funny how we begin to question, 'Was that really God?'

The process looks something like this;

1. God gives us a word, an answer to prayer.

2. We definitely hear it! Right in front of us- things obviously shift right into place!

3. Then we doubt what God said to us.

4. We start thinking negatively about our situation and even enlist friends into the negativity.

5. We begin to think that it wasn't really God and we must have really 'missed God'.

6. We conclude with 'I'll just keep praying about it'.

7. Rinse and Repeat. (Sigh)

This is because, just like the Bible tells us, the enemy will come to steal it away!

So what should we do when God gives us an answer to prayer, a Word, a command, an understanding? We should take that word, receive it, and pray over it! Protect the Word from the enemy! We have angels doing battle for us in order to protect the words God gives us.

Believe it or not, there really is a conspiracy to make you think you've 'missed God', it's called the devil! Don't wait to see this process play out and then decide it was God because of all the strife you had to endure to believe it. Why entertain the enemy at all? Air on the side of God! That's what I'm deciding to do! Trust Him in Faith.

Okay, Okay ... what if it's really not God? My favorite answer to this question- and I don't know who said it, but when asked 'What if it's not God, but the devil', the reply was, "I don't pray to the devil".

When I have a conversation with God, I believe it really is God.


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