Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final Fling

Submarine wives know all too well what "Final Fling" means! This is an event that we look forward to for 6 long months. It is not the event in itself, but the joyful return of our loved ones that makes this celebration so special! Over the course of a deployment we rapidly cycle through the emotions that were thought to only exist during adolescence. But over time we find ways to cope and in each other, we find friendship, support, and a sisterhood that I hope we all hold dear to our hearts.

I am so proud of the way we have all handled ourselves and how strong we've become during the duration of deployment. A few of our wives will or have celebrated First Year Anniversaries, the birth of a child, or sometimes even go through a death in the family during deployment -and while that makes me sad, I know as Submarine wives we have accepted these life experiences gracefully and I am so proud of us all for that.

Soon we will all be moving in different directions and experiencing new things. I will miss all of these wives and all for different reasons.

The USS Bremerton Wardroom Wives- WestPac-2008 We Survived Deployment!

Joanne is the mother of 7 children and just seems to have it together!

Ashley is chatty, adventurous and tells great stories!

Mary is super sweet and a little shy.

Laura is our fun, outgoing party girl!

Sarah is the Captain's wife on the submarine. She's spontanious and spunky!

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