Saturday, January 31, 2009

Homecoming- Part I


Homecoming started at the pier where we took a small boat out into the Harbor to see the submarine. Mason is shaking hands with our boat mascot, the Badfish.

Mason has grown a little attached to Mrs. Ashley! Before we attend any boat function he always asks me if Ashley will be there. Ashley is very sweet to Mason!

This is Mary and Ashley on the boat out to the submarine.

Here is Ally. She's so excited to see her Dad!

This is Isabelle! She was just precious and I had to get a picture of her.

This is Cara.

And Laura... with Cara back there :) We were all a little loopy! The guys are coming home!!!

Down by the waterfront - here is an old dive tower that used to be used to practice submarine escapes.

This is the Arizona Memorial.

A ship that I thought looked cool...

This is Isabelle. She is just adorable and I had to take her picture!

This is a torpedo retriever that brought the lei and roses out to the submarine. You can see the little green part... that's the lei we made for the submarine!

Once out in the Harbor, after waiting for a little bit, we could finally see the Bremerton! Yay!

To be continued...

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Mary Angeline Ross said...

Come on, Sis!!! Don't leave me hangin! lol Of course, I guess you may have another thing or two to do besides posting the pictures! :) So glad your man is home, Kel! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! love from the heartland :) Angie