Saturday, January 31, 2009

Homecoming- Part II

Isabelle can see the submarine!

This is where another group of wives waited to see the submarine go by.

We're getting there and Mason can see the light!

Look, it's our submarine!

The torpedo retriever makes it out to carry over the lei and probably many other important things...

It's the USS Bremerton with her lei!

At this point, the wives just want to smim to the boat and get it over with!

That's Josh Vinney in the middle with the red jacket! Welcome Home!

As we're all looking to see who is topside, I can finally see that it's Blake!!! And how sweet because he and Ashley won "First Kiss"!

Blake can see us! Hi Blake!

All of the wives are looking for their husbands and we just can't wait to see them!

The submarine looks HUGE as we get closer!
To be continued... again

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