Saturday, January 31, 2009

Homecoming- Part III

The USS Bremerton is almost Home after 6 long months!

As the boat makes it's way all the way in to the pier, I took some random pictures of us on the boat and the guys in the submarine.

The submarine's hatch is open! Now they can all come out!

The Police boat escorts the boat in incase someone tries to pull a fast one! haha.

Here, we are all going pretty fast side by side. Mason said it felt like we were racing the submarine. This was very cool!

I wonder what he's thinking?

We are almost back to the pier now!

This is the walkway they put up for the guys to come off the submarine.

This is Joanne, waiting for Drew (the XO) to come off.

This is Sarah (the CO's WIfe). We are just all waiting around for the guys to come off the boat!
But first, there is a special event! We all bought tickets throughout the deployment to win the opportunity to get the first kiss- which means our husband will come off the boat first! We drew the name and it was Ashley!
To be continued ... again!

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