Saturday, January 31, 2009

Homecoming- Part IIII

First Kiss

This is Blake walking off the boat to get his first kiss!

This is not actually their first kiss.. maybe the second!
And THEN............... The moment we've all been waiting for.... It's Daniel!

Ally, Mason and Daddy!

Ally and her Daddy! She's so happy!

I was able to spot the Millers during their reunion with Dad!

Awww... How sweet!

This Happy couple is Mary and Tyler!

This is not a couple, but still Happy!

Ashley and Blake- together at last!

Daniel and Kelly FINALLY together again!

This is Blake...

And this is Ashley looking at him! Precious!

Joanne, completely content and happy now... and little AJ.

This is Mason holding on to his Dad's leis.
And all the Bremerton wives, children, and men lived happily ever after!
Welcome Home Bremerton! We missed you!

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Mary Angeline Ross said...

Beautiful! Welcome Home!!
A & J