Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Stand down adventures

We are getting used to having Daniel back at home. This is Daniel in our kitchen! He's really in our house!!! ha This is the morning after Daniel came home (Friday). It must feel good to be back home!

On Friday night, we decided to go to Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) where my friend, Angela is a professor. HPU has a movie every Friday night and this was Angela's turn to introduce a film. It was a bout sharks and the food chain and how people kill sharks for thier fins. People just cut off their fins and put them back in the water to die. It was really sad. After that, we went to dinner to celebrate Daniel coming home. We went to Indigo and it was very nice. We saw a rainbow on our way to HPU.

Saturday was a special day for Mason. They had a boy day and went to Dave and Busters. Then they went to see (I think) the USS Oklahoma.

Sunday was a special day for Dad and Ally! For some reason I don't have those pictures. I will post them another time. :( The plan was to go shopping and buy shoes, a cd, and one accessory. She loved it! I'll post here when I get the pics.

Today is my special day. I don't know what we're going to do. I think we might shop for geocaching and then go get one. We'll see. It's morning and I'm hoping the sun comes out for a little beach time too.

After my coffee, I'm going to go wake Daniel up and see what we're doing! YAY!

Oh- and I'm not going to be posting very many pictures because we are preparing for the film festival at the end of the leave period. I don't want people to have already seen pictures. We are going to ROCK!!! Hope you're ready guys!


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Ashley Hlavaty said...

It's so exciting to see Daniel in the pictures!! I was honestly shocked and excited to see him standing in your kitchen in the first picture!! Yeah!!! Isn't it fun to have them home?!?!