Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Bus

Today Daniel and I took the Bus to the Waikele Shopping Center just for fun. I've never been on a city bus before so it was an adventure!

On this bus there weren't very many people. On a later bus, we had to stand and a guy even took the seat I was about to sit in! Rude! So we made our way to Waikele Shopping Center after about an hour.

Once we were there, we just shopped around and actually didn't buy anything. I even resisted Coach and didn't even go in!After shopping around, we got some luch at Chili's and then headed back to the bus stop. It was weird to not have our car. I kept thinking that we could drive. I'm glad I didn't buy anything because I would just have to take it back on the bus.That's it! When we got home, we went back out and bought a backpack for me to carry on the plane to San Francisco! I'm so excited. The weather is going to be cool and I really have nothing to wear. I've been trying to pack and it's really hard because we are ONLY taking our backpacks! I will keep you posted on our trip. We plan on going to Alcatraz and I want to ride a "trolly" but people there get mad if you call it that, so it's a "cable car". I can't wait! There is a Space A flight that leaves in the morning at 8:40am. I hope we make it. I will take lots of pictures, for sure!

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

You guys are too funny! I guess it will help preparing you for your geocaching trip, right?