Monday, January 26, 2009

Hurry up and WAIT!

I know that I will look back at this post in a month or so and laugh! I already posted today, but yet I am so stinkin' bored, I have to do SOMETHING!

So... Let's visit the past 6 months in detail! JK! I wish that I had been blogging from the beginning of the deployment so that I would have a better record of events for this deployment! Daniel left the end of July. We have celebrated Mason's birthday, Daniel's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, our anniversary, and the birth of our best friend's baby! I had a car accident right after they left- just a little fender bender, I lost my debit card and had to order new ones for both of us, Ally began her teenage drama, Mason has really matured a lot in the past 6 months (I'm so happy about that one) and we took a vacation to see family in Oklahoma via Space "A" flight - which was a GREAT adventure! I guess those were all of the big events.

I feel better now. This makes me more in the mood to "nest" for his homecoming.

Okay, we'll see how long I can NOT post between now and the time he comes home. I will probably not blog as much during the first 2 weeks he's home, although I want to really try. It's just not the same when you try to recap on so many days.

The Navy way... "Hurry up, and wait!"

tick tock

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