Thursday, January 22, 2009

Modeling and Geocaching

My little Ally keeps asking me if she can do modeling! Maybe I'm the only mom that feels like this; but I feel like it could damage her in some way. I don't want her to get all freaked out over her weight or appearance. If I let her do it, I don't even know where to start. I do NOT want to just send her to a modeling agency and pay tons of money forever! It doesn't seem so safe. She said she would give up cheer to do it- that is her life. She just said today, "I think I was born to cheer!" hahaha! We were watching MADE on tv and this girl was MADE into a model. The show makes it look so easy. I feel like there are so many scams that girls just get caught up in it even if they aren't good enough. It's all about the money... I don't know! She's been saying she's wanted to for a few years now... I don't think it's going away!

On a brighter note- I checked into Geocaching today!!! This sounds like the funnest thing I have EVER heard about! It's like high tech gear mixed with outdoor adventure! So you go online, find a cache, put the location into your pedestrian GPS and GO TREASURE HUNTING! There are places where people have already been and hidden little trinkets. You bring your own trinkets to put in its place and you've just completed geocaching! Daniel told me about it and I cannot wait to go. I've been looking at caches in San Francisco! I think that would be so fun. I was even thinking of just taking a backpack! That way we only have what's on our backs and we get on a MAC flight to San Fran, find the cache, and come back home! That's a 4-day adventure for sure! I think the kids will LOVE it too! So this is the book I got today and I've been reading about it. You can do different kinds- ones that you do in an RV, ATV, or even a hike! The book tells you of all the things that you will need! I am getting so excited for Daniel to come home.
I got another email today, I'm so glad! Okay, now I'm so excited again and I won't be able to sleep! Calm down, Kelly! Okay, I'm going to read the book! I love new things!!! YAY!

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