Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Simply Organized

I got an email from Daniel today. I emailed him a few days ago and told him that I was going crazy and wanted him to keep emailing me until he gets home. Hopefully we are able to do that. It helps!

Not much going on today. I'm trying to organize my picures and scan them into my computer. I decided to start some kind of system because of all the pictures I've been taking. So I went to our new Simply Organized store and got some really cool organizing bins. I just told everybody that they didn't really have much, but they did have exactly what I needed. So I will retract the info about that :) I now think that the store rocks! You just can't go in there and randomly look for something. You have to have a project in mind and then go look! I got these containers that are like wallets that all line up in one bin to store photos! I love it! I'm having so much fun doing it. That sounds funny, but I really love to organize things! It really does make me feel better. Not all things are organized, but when they are, I LOVE it!

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