Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our Anniversary! Daniel is on a big submarine in the Pacific somewhere and I am here enjoying a relaxing day at home with a sick kid. Romantic? Not so much! But-Daniel did send me flowers and they are beautiful! I'm so happy that I am still madly in love with my high school sweetheart! It's funny, because I have been mad enough to kill him and yet so in love that I couldn't imagine my life without him! I'm sorry you couldn't be here Love!
Daniel- you got me an awesome Nikon D40 camera! And you were even thoughtful enough to remember a bag for it! Mwa! I love accessories!
When the flower shop called to TELL ME THEY WERE DELIVERING FLOWERS, I told them how annoying it was that everytime I get flowers, they call and spoil it! So when the guy came knocking he actually said he enjoyed my feedback and asked if other wives had complained about this. I told him yes. I wasn't here for a delivery once and they left a note and put them in a safe place... so there is no need to spoil the surprise! I hope I've done a service to all the ladies on the island getting NEX deployment packages!
Mason was still a little sick today. I had to have his IEP meeing over the phone. Which is fine with me. I think it's boring and takes up way too much time for everyone involved! I was planning to go to the zoo today and take pictures. But little Mason wasn't feeling up to it!
I don't think my kids really like the zoo anymore! We've been quite a few times so they get bored after they've seen the monkeys and the sloth! I have an obsession with the zoo and the aquarium. I feel that we must go to every one of them everywhere we live. There might be something new! Usually not the case though. Honolulu does have the sloth though and that is the creepiest thing- yet the most interesting thing for me. It has no defense at all! Strange...
So that's it. My day was a bit boring. I was also really angry because I can't find my Anniversary card that Daniel left for me. "But, I know... it's my own damn fault" (I had to put that in quotes-if you don't know why we need to rethink this friendship) because I've rearranged this house a million times! Hopefully it'll turn up. Along with my spa day gift card! Grrr!
Lord, grant me patience, but hurry!

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