Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Honey I'm Home and I had a Hard Day...

Yesterday morning around 9:30AM, we got home from San Francisco and came home to sleep all day. The kids were also tired, so they didn't go to school again. All together they've missed 4 days of school. I guess that's not bad considering they had not seen their dad in 6 months! Our trip to San Francisco was really fun and adventurous! I just wanted to put up a quick blog to say, "We're home!".

Daniel and Mason at the Hickam Terminal... Home Sweet Home!
Ally looking very tired!
One quick picture of the Hickam Terminal! Free flights coutesy of the Air Force- that is awesome!
Outside of the AMC Terminal- We were still dressed in San Francisco warm clothes.

Once we all woke up from our naps (mine was atleast 6 hours) we went to the basketball courts to play around and then out to get dinner and got Mason's hair cut.
We came home and got ready for bed (lots of sleeping going on here). The kids got up this morning and are now at school. Daniel is playing on his computer and I am here, blogging! Very relaxing!
My next blog will be the beginning of our trip! I'm going to work on it now! I don't know how many parts it will be. I learned my lesson in making long blogs... It gets boring and sometimes you can lose everything you've posted and have to start all over!

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