Wednesday, February 11, 2009

San Francisco -Trip Part I

We all got packed for a Space "A" flight and were ready to go. The "1 bag rule" still applied and I'm so glad that's all we had to carry around. My bag was really heavy though.

We waited for flight and tried for the 1:30AM flight. We called before we left and it was still good. So we woke the kids up and took off to Hickam Air Force base.

Daniel drove us there...

We got to the terminal and checked in. Daniel being with us made things so much easier than the last time.

We waited for roll call...

And just like that... we got the flight. Moving up a catagory really helped. We were the first people called of 15. There wasn't much room on this flight. But we made it! I really wish I could have gotten pictures of the process of getting on the plane and flying but because of security reasons we couldn't.

So we are now on the ground and need a hotel. We are walking distance from the Air Force Inn in Fairfield, California. So with our bags we walked to the hotel. When we got there the woman told us there was no room. When you stay at temporary lodging , you can't make same day reservations. So I asked for reservations for the next night. Then she said there was a family lodging unit available. She bent the rules for us a little and we had our room! It was amazing! For $52 per night, this is what we got!

A big bathroom!

This is the Master room.

The kids room with 2 beds.

The living room.

Other side of the living room.

The kitchen with a little table.

The rest of the kitchen with dishes too boot!

Outside the kitchen window we saw a little rabbit.
So we had a place to stay... just not a car!
To be continued...


Ashley Hlavaty said...

I'm glad you guys got a nice place to stay! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

Amy said...

We stay at a place like this on the Air Force base in Arkansas whenever we visit home. It's really perfect and we love it!