Wednesday, February 11, 2009

San Francisco Trip- Part II

We arrived at Travis Air Force Base on Saturday afternoon, February 7th ( My Birthday). The rental car places were either closed for the weekend or out of cars! We were a little mad about this little detail! We were stuck on the base, it was my birthday, and we had NO CAR! We barely got a room! So we decided to give up on the car and make the best of it.

Daniel walked to the mini mart and got some snacks, drinks, and Ramen Noodles! We ordered pizza, but we were starving! I found these jelly beans on my pillow and that held me over until Daniel got back and the pizza was delivered! hahaha!

While Daniel was at the shopette, he got cupcakes to celebrate my birthday and they sang Happy Birthday to me! We didn't have any candles, but I don't think they would all fit on the cupcake anyway! I am now... 25 again. Or... 32 but who's counting?

They prepared cake for my Party! hahaha!

What a great job they did!

We were trying to make it a lively ... Party! Yeah!

Great cake! I think the baker was Hostess... She's a wonderful baker and Daniel has known her for years!

Even more excitement at this PARTY! Dancing and everything!

Okay, I was running out of poses!

Ally with her "buttons". That's what I call her phone!

We decided to go see a movie! On base of course... we walked... in the cold, dark night... to see Marley and Me! I loved the movie! Mason seems to enjoy his treat as well!

Relaxing after the movie.

To be continued...

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

hahaha... I LOVE the dancing picture! It looks like you are doing a birthday jig! We missed getting to celebrate your birthday with you, and we missed you at Cara's bday! We'll make up for it!