Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's all about Stanley!

Stanley and I are up at 6:30 am on Saturday morning. We are well rested and ready for a day of fun! Last night went a lot better than the night before. Stanley stayed in bed all night and hasn't had another accident. Mason has been taking him out a lot so I don't think he has room for an accident anyway. All dog things are going well here! We got to keep him for the whole weekend too! We went to Dave's last night and got his kibble and an extra bone! We are all set! Stanley follows me around every little step I take. He barked his little face off yesterday when the kids got home. We were laughing and telling Stanley... those are other people that live here! haha. He's not used to having a lot of people around I don't think. It was just funny for Daniel and the kids to get barked at in their house. I think Stanley is starting to understand now. He's fitting in very well. I just love his short little legs and how he crosses them in from of him. They are so short, they don't really cross, they are just turned in by his chest! We are all so excited to have him and can't wait to get our own dog!
We have to go downtown today to take Ally to modeling and I hope we can go see Donte' Costanzo! He's about 2 months old now and we really want to see him!

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