Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dolphin Scholorship Auction

Yesterday, we had lots to do. First, we went to see our friends, Paul and Angela and their baby, Donte! We hadn't seen them in like a month! He has grown so much! Paul and Angela also just moved from Lani Kai to Kailua into a bigger house! It's a great house! They also got a new car because a BIG Recycle truck hit their Volvo! Now Angela is sporting a very cute Nissan Altima! The new house is great and has LOTS of sunlight! So my photos are really light, but here they are...

Got Milk? Ang does.
Look at the nice big kitchen!
Daniel getting his baby fix.
Then we went to take Ally to her modeling class downtown, Honolulu! I used to hate the mall experience, but I'm really loving it lately! We always go to the mall and just walk around and look while we wait for Ally. I love the kitchen store and yesterday, I got these awesome measuring spoons! I love them!

Then we picked Ally up and went to JEANS WAREHOUSE so Ally could get some tops for her photo shoot coming up. I'll take some pics of her later in her new clothes! It felt like it took forever, but this even finally ended and we were back on the road to drop the kids at home before we headed to the Dolphin Scholorship Auction.

Looking fabulous, Joanne celebrates her Birthday! Happy Birthday Joanne!

And here are some random photos I took throughout the Auction. Enjoy!

This is a really cute picture of Mary and Ashley.

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

That one of Will and Laura is hilarious! He looks so mischievous!!