Thursday, June 11, 2009

USS Bremerton Dependents Cruise

Last week I went on a dependents cruise and it was so much fun!!!! A bunch of the wives and family members were able to go on our sailor's submarine and see what they do. I have obviously never seen my husband do his job because it's on a submarine in the ocean! Well, this day, we got to go to sea with them for about 7 hours! It was a blast! So here are some pictures from that day...

Some Navy Wives hanging out before the small boat picked us up.
Laura Hotchkiss

I was able to get a shot of the Arizona Memorial on the way out to meet the boat.

This is the USS Bremerton. We were taken in a small boat to meet the submarine. We got right up next to it and they put a little walkway up for us to cross over and then we climbed down a really steep ladder through a hatch to get in. It was scary!

I got to look throught the periscope.

This is Daniel actually talking to someone on that weird ancient phone.

This is me saying, "What up"

This is a torpedo tube. Laura and Sarah climbed all the way to the end and wrote on the door at the end. I did not! It's really far down there and dark and I'm a little freaked out with small spaces!

Daniel, the ship's navigator. We didn't get lost ... :)

This is the wardroom where all the officers eat and hang out. This is where I come to eat with Daniel on the boat. We have also been here while he worked on CHARTS that were spread all over the wardroom table. Everyone has their own seats according to rank. So this is the Captain and I playing Rock Band! It would not be the Bremerton if we didn't play Rock Band. During the deployment, they all played lots of Rock Band!

Capt. Warner and his wife, Sarah.

So this is a lovely hole (hatch) in the top of the boat where we could go out the top (the bridge). This was painful! I thought I was going to DIE! There are 3 different ladders and they are NOT lined up! Going up was scary, coming down was almost impossible! My legs were full of lead because I'm afraid of heights! I needed a little guidance getting down! But the view up there... was incredible!

If you look closely, you can see Diamond Head.

Diamond Head
This was such a fun experience! I'm so glad I was able to do it. I may not ever get the chance again!


The Griffith Family said...

YOUR PHOTOS are STUNNING!!!!! I love them so much. You have to do a "memory book" of this adventure. I went out with Jamie b/f and it was a great experience. These photos are just to die for!!! Perfect perfect perfect EVERYTHING!!!!

Kelly said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle! I'm glad you liked them! We will really have to plan a photo trip and shoot together!

Ashley Hlavaty said...

So cool! I hope that Blake does a DH tour so that I can go someday! :) I guess that's a silly reason to stay in though isn't it!! The pictures are awesome!

jobs on cruises said...

The photos are awesome. I love to cruise but I haven't experienced visiting a submarine or even see one at a close range. Did it feel too small or scary or something? Did you feel some sort of pressure?