Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mason Turns 11

We celebrated Mason's 11th Birthday in our new empty house on August 7, 2009! Mason was ready to rock with his new electric guitar with all the accessories included! Even headphones (beautiful) that help ease the ever so creative Rock Anthems in our echo-empty house!
We've made lots of progress with the house and are coming up on completing the yard! Who knew buying a house would be so expensive! LOL.
We soon realized that new construction homes come with WALLS! We had to have the house measured for blinds which has been on of our most costly items!
The house didn't have a fridge, but I'm really glad we got to pick the one we wanted! It's an LG bottom freezer and it has a big area for the ice and water dispenser! I LOVE IT.
Then we had to have a garage door opener installed. I'm so happy about that one! We got it just in time - before a HUGE rain storm!
Right now, we are in the process of killing all the crabgrass that has grown because of the rain! The well is being drilled soon for our sprinkler system! This has to be my favorite purchase so far!
As soon as all of these things are finished, we will have sod put down by the builder= FREE! They will sod the front and seed the sides and back.
I know there are more projects coming, but we've got to replenish funds before that happens!
My first honey-do for when Daniel comes home (YAY) is to install a pot rack over the island in the kitchen. I'll take great pictures of that! There is already an overhead light there with florescent bulbs that will have to be removed. He's going to LOVE it! LOL.
What else has happened? Oh- Ally made JV cheer team! I'm so happy that she made JV! I was a little concerned about Varsity and the age of those girls vs. her age and social life, etc. So we're all happy with it! Ally is at cheer camp now! She's in CHEER HEAVEN! The girl was born to cheer. She has spoken those words, too! LOL.
Mason is starting to adjust to the new house. We all sleep in the living room together. It's funny, with all this space and all the rooms, we are most comfortable sleeping in the same room. But we are all starting to learn the new noises of our new home and are adjusting pretty well.
I've heard so many people speak so highly of the schools here- particularly the special education dept. so I think we're going to give public school a try here. I can always bring him home,but it's hard to just put him in if at home isn't going well. So we will try it and see what happens. I'm praying that things will work out. I'm all for homeschooling, but I also think that if parents would make public schools what they need them to be, they would be better. So we'll see what happens here.

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